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Opto 22 have been providing its customers with high quality, easy to use software from the early 1980’s.

Opto Software

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The first software systems from Opto 22 were designed, then and as now, to work on a Windows OS PC. From the early days, Opto 22 software was fundamentally different to other PLC vendors software as they employed a graphical flowcharting interface that enable the programmer to visualize the logic flow of their program. From Opto 22’s first programming software release, Cyrano 100 to their latest PAC Project Suite, they have always provided the software tools to achieve control and data acquisition projects in a user-friendly, multi-tasking manner.

A range of debugging tools made sure the programmer could check their program thoroughly utilizing step-by-step debugging of the flowchart chart program.

The programming software was supported by Opto 22’s graphical display packages, which allowed the creation of user graphics screens, which provided process data in an understandable, menu driven, PC based human machine interface.