Node-RED is a powerful tool for building Internet of Things (IoT) applications with a focus on simplifying the ‘wiring together’ of code blocks to carry out tasks. OPTO 22 have pre-installed this software into thier GroovEPIC and GroovRIO hardware to enable this to be utilised for the IIOT also known as Industry 4.0.


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Node-RED uses a visual programming approach that allows developers to connect predefined code blocks (nodes), together to perform a task. The connected nodes, usually a combination of input nodes, processing nodes and output nodes, when wired together, make up a ‘flows’.

Originally developed as an open source project at IBM in late 2013, to meet their need to quickly connect hardware and devices to web services and other software.

It evolved to be a general purpose IoT programming tool,it has become useful for a range of applications. Importantly, Node-RED has rapidly developed a significant and growing user base and an active developer community who are contributing new nodes that allow programmers to reuse Node-RED code for a wide variety of tasks.

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Watch the video below for an Introduction to Node-Red