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The groov EPIC, GRV-EPIC-PR1, is a rack mount edge programmable automation controller, which can be mounted on a DIN rail mount rack system.

There are four types of IO mounting racks for the GRV-EPIC-PR1, which provide the ability to mount IO modules for connection to real world input/output devices such as temperature sensors, motors, pumps, as well as serial devices using RS232 or RS485.

The IO modules are high density, providing connection of multiple signal channels to each module. Modules are capable of connection to analogue, digital or serial signals.

  • Digital IO Modules – Provide direct connection to digital On/Off signals, which can be either AC or DC in nature
  • Analogue IO Modules – Provide direct connection to devices such as temperature, thermistor, milli-amp and voltage analogue input/output devices

Serial IO Modules – These include multi-channel RS232 and RS485 communication with channel-to-channel isolation