Z Model, 240 VAC, 10 Amp, DC Control Solid State Relay (SSR)

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The Z240D10 is a DC-controlled relay that switches 240 VAC at up to 10 A.

Z Series SSRs use a unique heat transfer system that makes it possible to produce a low-cost, 10-amp, solid state relay in an all-plastic case. The Z series is ideal for high-volume OEM applications because of its push-on, tool-free quick-connect terminals. Operating temperature: –40 °C to 100 °C.

This SSR carries a lifetime warranty.

NOTE: We do not recommend mounting the terminal side of the SSR to a flat PCB (printed circuit board) or other flat surface, because there may be some variation in terminal height or alignment from one terminal to another and from one SSR to another. For PCB boards, use the MP or P series SSRs.