Networkable Constant Voltage LED Dimmer, Serial Modbus/DMX, Pushbutton, Rated 100W Low Voltage (12/24 V)

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SKU: LED-SPCV-LV100W Category: DC Control SSR Tags: Dimmer, SSR

The Opto 22 Network LED Dimmer is a constant voltage PWM (pulse width modulation) dimmer that controls light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Used alone or together, this compact dimmer is suited for applications involving LED color mixing, stage or accent lighting, step or path marking, facade or wall lighting, or any other use that requires variable light from LEDs.

Use the Network LED Dimmer to control LEDs either manually or through standard RS-485 serial protocols—including DMX512-A, Modbus/ASCII, and Optomux—and incorporate lighting control into existing building, automation, and lighting control systems.

For easier configuration, use this link (designed for mobile devices): Set dimmer configuration
To see how an existing dimmer is configured, use this link (designed for mobile): Get dimmer configuration