MP Model, 240 VAC, 4 Amp, DC Control Solid State Relay (SSR)

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Opto 22 MP240D4

Solid State Relay with a Lifetime Warranty
Opto 22 have been manufacturing solid state relays (SSR) since the 1970’s. in fact, it was the founder of the company, along with a colleague who invented the now widely used SSR.

Opto 22 Solid State Relays

Opto 22’s range of solid state relays provide switching of either single phase (110/240 V) or 3-phase (415V) electrical circuits.
With a range of mounting styles designed for printed circuits boards through to the ‘hockey-puck’ design, their relays have proven so reliable, Opto 22 provide a Lifetime Warranty on ALL their solid state relays.