SNAP Power Supply, 100-250 VAC to 24 VDC

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SKU: SNAP-PS24U Category: Opto Power Supplies Tags: 24VDC, PSU

The SNAP-PS24U power supply provides 24 volts (1.25 amps) of DC power. This power supply is ideal for powering a SNAP PAC S-series controller (such as the SNAP-PAC-S1) or for providing loop power for SNAP analog modules mounted on a SNAP PAC rack.

AC power connections are made to a removable terminal strip on top of the power supply. DC output power is hooked up using the attached wiring harness.

If you need fewer amps and can use a 120 VAC input, see the SNAP-PS24, which provides 0.75 A.

NOTE: The SNAP-PS24U can also be used to provide loop power for analog modules on a SNAP M-series or B-series rack.

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