PAC Manager

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PAC Manager is a configuration and maintenance utility used with all SNAP PAC System controllers and brains. It is used to assign and change IP addresses, load new firmware, configure points and features, and for one-time reads and writes to I/O points.

PAC Manager is part of the PAC Project Basic Software Suite, which includes software for developing control programs and creating HMIs for technicians and operators.

If you are using older (non-SNAP PAC) controllers or brains with PAC Manager, see form #1688, the SNAP PAC System Migration Technical Note for important information.

If you use an Apple or Android-based smartphone or tablet, Opto iPAC and Opto aPAC software apps give you a simplified subset of PAC Manager’s features right on your mobile device. See Opto iPAC and Opto aPAC for more information.