groov RIO, 8 in/out multi-signal, 2 mech relay

SKU: GRV-R7-MM1001-10 Categories: MQTT, Node-RED Tags: Ethernet IO, MQTT, Node-Red

groov RIO® revolutionizes remote I/O by offering a single, compact, PoE-powered industrial package with web-based configuration, commissioning, and flow logic software built in, plus support for multiple OT and IT protocols.

You can use groov RIO units in two ways.

As a standalone I/O unit (I/O for the IIoT), communicating data between field devices and data destinations. You can:
Push data directly to on-premises or cloud apps, databases, or other software, typically using the included Node-RED
Publish data to an MQTT broker
Respond to Modbus/TCP requests for data
As traditional remote I/O with a groov EPIC processor running PAC Control or a custom control program. Custom programs work through either RIO’s OptoMMP memory map or its REST API.
The GRV-R7-MM1001-10 is a 10-channel, multi-signal, multifunction remote I/O unit. Its communications processor has two switched Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, one capable of Power over Ethernet (802.3af PoE Class 0) connections, supplying power to both groov RIO and field I/O. It also has:

Supply terminals to connect to a 10-32 V DC power supply.
A USB host port, which can be used to connect additional devices like a Wi-Fi adapter, a USB memory stick, or a USB-to-serial adapter (none included).
Status LEDs to display the status of power, network, and I/O activity.
One 26-pin removable field I/O termination connector with spring clamp wire retention.
Built-in I/O channels are software configurable using browser-based software groov Manage. The first 8 channels offer discrete and analog inputs and outputs; the last 2 channels offer Form C mechanical relays.

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