Epson ProSix C4

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Faster, slimmer, stronger
Compact and flexible six-axis robot, with impressive reach and payload capabilities, as well as reduced vibration.

C4 Series 6-Axis

ProSix C4-Series compact six-axis robots set new standards for small robot performance, with a design that combines outstanding flexibility and a slim design perfect for large jobs in small spaces.
Reduced vibration for better performance

C4-Series robots use revolutionary QMEMS sensor technology to drastically reduce vibration, improving production speeds while maintaining quality.

Perfection is within reach

Thanks to a very slim arm design, these robots can reach up to 900mm without taking up much space but can still lift up-to 4kg. The Epson ProSix C4 can be controlled with the RC700-A controller, which can control several robots and various peripherals in a complex system.