Epson ProSix C3

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Epson ProSix C3

ProSix C3-Series robots offer flexible mounting options to suit whatever application you require them for. As well as floor, wall and ceiling mounting, sunken and skewed mounting are also possible. Since there is no base and the cable duct is hidden, optimum use of workspace can be made, making these robots ideal for operations with very limited space availability.

Multimanipulator-controller or compact slave controller

Flexible Installation

The Epson ProSix C3 can be optimally controlled with Epson Controllers and smoothly integrated into your production processes. Choice of controller depends on what you need for your application.

Epson RC180 – the smallest and lightest controller in its performance class.The controller was mainly developed to be operated as a standalone slave.

Epson RC700-A – the Epson RC700-A controller is high-performing and versatile, and is just as capable as a standalone or integrated system. If it is extended to create a multimanipulator controller, the Epson RC700-A can operate several robots and various peripherals in a complex system.