Epson N-Series

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Compact like no other 6 axis Robot.
Maximum efficiency over the smallest footprint. Extremely manoeuvrable due to inwardly orientated second axis.

N Series 6-Axis

The new Epson N series 6 axis robot can reach every point of its work cell with ease – even where it’s really cramped. The reason: a revolutionary kinematic geometry with a completely new folding arm.

The new N series covers an action field for which you would normally require a 6 axis robot with a significantly longer arm length.
Extremely maneuverable due to inwardly orientated second axis. A classic 6 axis robot works in an external orientation: The arm must fully extend for reorientation. This costs space and time.

In the new Epson N series, the second axis is oriented inwards, thus moving the center of rotation downwards. This means the second axle shaft can travel through the zero position. To put it more bluntly: The second axis “hops” from one side to the other. This maneuverability over a very small footprint is unheard of until now, and leads to highly efficient work processes.