Industrial Unmanaged 14-port 10/100BASE-TX and 2-port 100BASE-FX Ethernet Switch

EtherWAN’s EX33000 Series is an industrial unmanaged Fast Ethernet switching platform, designed for easy deployment in harsh environments.

The EX33000 Series is equipped with sixteen Fast Ethernet ports, or a combination of Fast Ethernet copper ports and two 100FX ports for long distance connectivity. Although unmanaged, the EX33000 is feature rich with full wire speed Fast Ethernet throughput, making the EX33000 Series a powerful network switch.


  • 14-ports 10/100BASE-TX in DIN-rail form factor
  • 2-ports 100BASE-FX
    • -10B provides 2-ports SC Fibre MM 2km
    • -A0B provides 2-ports SC Fibre SM 20km
  • Industrial grade, DIN Rail mounted
  • Up to two 100BASE-FX ports with SC, ST and WDM options
  • Supports DIN-Rail, panel and rack mounting
  • Supports -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F) operating temperature
  • Alarms for power and link failure

For certain dedicated applications, industrial unmanaged switches are an economical alternative to managed and web-smart devices. Unmanaged switches support full duplex operation and IEEE 802.3x flow control, and are often used in daisy chain or Alpha-chain applications. On some devices, alarms for power and link failure can be configured through DIP switch for monitoring of critical connections. Versatile mounting options include DIN-rail, panel or rack mounting.