RS-232/422/485 To Fiber Converter, Multi-Mode 2KM, SC Connector

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The STF-300C-CM02 provides a fiber converter solution to extend RS-232 or RS-422/RS-485 transmission distance up to 2km over multi-mode fiber . The converter is equipped with multiple interface circuits, for connection to RS-232, RS-423, or RS-422/485/ (2 or 4 wire). The STF-300C-CM02 secures data transmission over EMI resistant fiber at speeds up to 256kbps for RS-232 or up to 1024kbps for RS-422/485.

Single-Mode Variants
  • STF-300C-CS30 – RS-232/422/485 To Fiber Converter, Single Mode 30km, SC Connector
  • STF-300C-CS50 – RS-232/422/485 To Fiber Converter, Single Mode 50km, SC Connector
  • STF-300C-CS80 – RS-232/422/485 To Fiber Converter, Single Mode 80km, SC Connector
Multi-Mode Variants
  • STF-300C-TM02 – RS-232/422/485 To Fiber Converter, Multi-Mode 2km, ST Connector
  • STF-300C-WA20 –RS-232/422/485 To Fiber Converter, WDM-A 20km, TX1310nm – RX1550nm, SC Connector
  • STF-300C-WB20 – RS-232/422/485 To Fiber Converter, WDM-B 20km, TX1550nm – RX1310nm, SC Connector