SNAP 64-point Digital-only Rack

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The SNAP-D64RS holds a SNAP digital-only I/O processor (brain or on-the-rack controller) and 16 four-channel SNAP digital I/O modules, for 64 total points of digital I/O. Note that this rack is not compatible with SNAP high-density digital modules.

Field devices are wired directly to the top-mounted removable connectors on the I/O modules. The rack can be panel mounted or DIN-rail mounted.

Compatible processors are the SNAP-PDPRS64 Profibus brain, the SNAP-ENET-D64 Ethernet brain, and the SNAP-UP1-D64 on-the-rack controller.

NOTE: This rack is not recommended for new Ethernet applications. Instead, we recommend using a SNAP M-series mounting rack, such as the SNAP-M64, with a SNAP-ENET-S64 brain or SNAP-PAC-R1 controller. These newer rack and processor combinations provide additional features, including analog and serial capability, at a lower cost.