SNAP PAC 12-Module Mounting Rack

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SKU: SNAP-PAC-RCK12 Category: Brain Style Tags: Analogue, Digital, Input, Output, PAC, SNAP

The SNAP-PAC-RCK12 mounts one SNAP PAC brain or on-the-rack controller and up to 12 analog, digital, serial, and special-purpose SNAP I/O modules. The SNAP-PAC-RCK12 can be DIN-rail or panel mounted.

This rack works with all SNAP I/O modules on the Opto 22 website. Analog, digital, and serial modules can be mixed on the rack and placed in any position. (Some serial modules are limited to a maximum of eight on one rack. See module data sheets for limitations and power requirements.)

Together with I/O modules and a brain or rack-mounted controller, this rack forms an I/O unit that provides distributed control in a SNAP PAC System. The I/O unit can also be used for PC-based control or as intelligent remote I/O for an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC or other RSLogix-based system, such as ControlLogix or CompactLogix.

If you need Factory Mutual approval, see the SNAP-PAC-RCK12-FM instead.

Need an enclosure with this rack? See the SNAP-IT-PM12 which includes an I/O mounting rack and a power supply, already wired. You add the I/O processor and the SNAP input and output (I/O) modules needed for your application. This panel-mounted metal enclosure makes it easy to install Opto 22 I/O where you need it, providing convenience and protection for your SNAP PAC System. Learn more about the SNAP-IT-PM12.
Other SNAP PAC racks available:

SNAP-PAC-RCK4 for 4 modules
SNAP-PAC-RCK8 for 8 modules
SNAP-PAC-RCK16 for 16 modules

NOTE: This rack replaces part number SNAP-M48. All brains that mount on a SNAP-M48 can also be mounted on this rack.

Build your system in the SNAP I/O Configurator.