SNAP SSI (Serial Synchronous Interface) Module

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The SNAP-SCM-SSI module provides two individually isolated serial synchronous interface (SSI) inputs for acquiring data from linear or rotary transducers used in motion control.

The module can decode both binary and Gray Code, and is software configurable to set clock speed, frame length, delay time between data samples, and other parameters.

Part of the SNAP PAC System, the SNAP-SCM-SSI input module mounts on a SNAP PAC rack with other SNAP I/O modules to provide the mix of analog, digital, and serial I/O you need at any location. The mounting rack also holds an I/O processor, either a SNAP PAC brain or an R-series programmable automation controller.

Unlike other SNAP serial modules, the SNAP-SCM-SSI can be used with either SNAP PAC Ethernet or serial-based brains (EBs and SBs). The module cannot be used with any legacy SNAP brain.

Use PAC Manager version 9.0 or newer to configure this module as well as other I/O modules on the same unit. See the SNAP SSI Module User’s Guide for complete information on installing, configuring, and using the module.

Build your system in the SNAP I/O Configurator.