SNAP 2-Ch 5-60 VDC Time-Proportional Digital Output Module

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SKU: SNAP-AOD-29 Category: DC Output Tags: Digital, Opto22, Output, SNAP, TPO

The SNAP-AOD-29 module provides two channels of time-proportional output (TPO). The module converts an analog value, such as a PID loop output, to a digital on/off output. The outputs are used to switch or control DC loads such as lamps or indicators, solenoids, relay coils, and PLC logic.

Each TPO channel can switch 0.5 A of load current ranging from 5 VDC to 60 VDC, over a period range of .25 seconds to 64.25 seconds.

If your application requires high-speed output, see the SNAP-AOD-29-HFi.

NOTE: The SNAP-AOD-29 module is not needed for intelligent remote SNAP I/O used with Allen-Bradley PLC systems (IO4AB). Instead, use the built-in TPO function in the brain itself.

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