SNAP 4-Ch Analog Thermistor Input Module

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SKU: SNAP-AIR40K-4 Category: Temperature Input Tags: Analogue, Input, Opto22, SNAP, Thermocouple

The SNAP-AIR40K-4 provides four channels of analog-to-digital conversion, ideal for thermistors used in HVAC applications or for reading the resistance of potentiometer input. Default range is 0-40 K Ohms; the module can also be configured for 0-20 K, 0-10 K, or 0-5 K Ohms. Resistance probes must be isolated from each other.

Part of the SNAP PAC System, the module mounts on a SNAP PAC rack with a SNAP PAC brain or rack-mounted controller. Analog, digital, and serial I/O modules can all be on the same rack. Such an I/O unit is also well suited for PC-based control or for use as intelligent remote I/O for an Allen-Bradley RSLogix PLC system, such as ControlLogix, MicroLogix, or CompactLogix.

Compatibility: This module can be used with SNAP PAC brains and R-series controllers. It can also be used with legacy SNAP Ethernet-based brains.

Also see the 8-channel SNAP-AIR400K-8, ideal for NTC thermistors as well as PTC thermistors.

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