SNAP 4-Ch Analog Temperature Input Module – ICTD

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SKU: SNAP-AICTD-4 Category: Temperature Input Tags: Analogue, Input, Opto22, SNAP, Thermocouple

The SNAP-AICTD provides four channels of analog temperature input from any industry-standard Integrated Circuit Temperature Device (ICTD). Simple two-wire connections are made to the pluggable terminal strip on top of the module. Although the four channels are not isolated from each other, the module is transformer isolated and optically isolated from other modules and devices.

This module can be used with SNAP PAC brains and R-series controllers.

Part of the SNAP PAC System, the module mounts on a SNAP PAC rack with a SNAP PAC brain or rack-mounted controller. It can also be used with legacy SNAP Ethernet-based brains. Analog, digital, and serial I/O modules can all be on the same rack. Such an I/O unit is also well suited for PC-based control or for use as intelligent remote I/O for an Allen-Bradley Logix PLC system, such as ControlLogix, MicroLogix, or CompactLogix.

Also see the 8-channel SNAP-AICTD-8 and the 2-channel SNAP-AICTD.

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