Three-phase Power Monitoring Module, 85-300 V RMS and 0-5 A RMS Inputs for Each Phase

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SNAP-AIPM-3 analog input module helps you measure and control power usage in your facility. The SNAP-AIPM-3 simultaneously measures volts AC RMS and amps AC RMS for each of the three phases, using current transformers (CTs) with a 1-5 amp secondary.

The module calculates true power and volt-amps for each phase and, in addition, calculates true power sums for all three phases.

Part of the SNAP PAC System, the module mounts on a SNAP PAC rack with a SNAP PAC brain or rack-mounted controller. Analog, digital, and serial I/O modules can all be on the same rack. Such an I/O unit is also well suited for PC-based control or for use as intelligent remote I/O for an Allen-Bradley RSLogix PLC system, such as ControlLogix, MicroLogix, or CompactLogix.

When these modules are used as part of a SNAP PAC System running a PAC Control strategy, the strategy logic can automatically perform the calculations and respond to problems.

Compatibility: SNAP-AIPM-3 modules work with SNAP PAC brains and R-series controllers. They require brain firmware version 9.1b or newer and PAC Project 9.1a or newer.

Also see the SNAP-AIPM-3V module, which uses CTs with a 0.333 VAC secondary.

If you need to monitor single-phase power, use the SNAP-AIPM instead.

NOTE: SNAP-AIPM-3 Opto-22 modules manufactured before April 2011 had different input ranges (0-250 VAC and 0-10 A). Specs were changed to allow connection to electrical systems and equipment at higher voltages (for example, lighting systems at 277 volts) and to double the resolution of current inputs. Before wiring or scaling any SNAP-AIPM-3, check the input range printed on the module. Scaling examples are in the data sheet. Older modules can be exchanged for newer ones; contact Product Support for information or answers to questions.

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