SNAP Motion Control Breakout Board, 4 Axes, Stepper

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SKU: SNAP-SCM-BB4 Category: Motion Control Tags: Communication, Processor

The SNAP-SCM-BB4 is part of the SNAP PAC Motion Control Subsystem of the SNAP PAC System. Working with the SNAP-SCM-MCH16 host communication module, this breakout board is equipped with a Magellan(TM) processor chip set that outputs pulse and direction signals for up to four stepper motor systems, under the direction of a SNAP PAC controller.

Up to four breakout boards can be daisy-chained and connected to a single module. The module’s external connector provides lines to power one breakout board; additional boards require a separate power source. The breakout board is designed to be mounted using a DIN-rail system.

For more information see form #1672, the SNAP PAC Motion Control Subsystem Data Sheet, under the Docs & Downloads tab.

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