SNAP 16 Channel Term Extender 12-24V

SKU: SNAP-TEX-FB16-L Category: Breakout Boards Tags: Digital, Input, Output, SNAP

SNAP 16 Channel Term Extender 12-24V

Part of the SNAP TEX family of mounting and wiring accessories, the SNAP-TEX-FB16-L breakout board provides a fuse and a fuse-blown indicator for each of its 16 channels. In addition, it provides 12-24 volts of power to loads. Simply attach the power source to a single spot in the middle of the rack, and power goes out to solenoids or switches, depending on the module you’re using. The SNAP-TEX-FB16-L is used primarily for digital inputs and outputs.

CAUTION: Odd pins on the SNAP-TEX-FB16-L breakout board are connected. When connecting to four-channel digital modules, use only straight-through (SNAP-TEX-CBS6) or odd (SNAP-TEX-CBO6) cables with this board. When connecting to 16- or 32-channel modules, use the SNAP-HD-ACF6 cable. See the data sheet for recommended module, cable, and breakout board combinations.

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