SNAP PAC Serial Brain, analog/digital, with high-speed digital functions

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The SNAP-PAC-SB1 brain is an I/O and communications processor for your SNAP PAC System. Designed primarily to work in distributed systems controlled by a SNAP PAC S-series controller, the SNAP-PAC-SB1 provides local intelligence that frees the controller for supervisory tasks.

As an I/O processor, the SNAP PAC brain independently handles functions such as latching, counting, thermocouple linearization, watchdog timers, and PID loop control. These functions continue to work on the brain even if communication with the SNAP PAC controller is lost.

The SNAP-PAC-SB1 brain supports all the SNAP I/O analog and digital input and output modules available on the Opto 22 website. These modules can all be mixed on the same mounting rack and placed in any position on the rack. The brain and modules mount on a SNAP PAC rack, which holds up to 4, 8, 12, or 16 modules.

In addition to I/O processing, the SNAP-PAC-SB1 brain communicates over an RS-485 serial network (2-wire or 4-wire), and multiple SB-series brains can be installed in a multi-drop (daisy-chain) configuration.

The SNAP-PAC-SB1 brain offers high-speed digital functions, including high-speed counting (up to 20 KHz), quadrature counting, pulse generation and measurement, and TPO (time-proportional output). If you do not need high-speed digital functions, choose the SNAP-PAC-SB2 brain instead. For a complete list of features and specifications, see form #1689, the SNAP PAC Brains Data Sheet, under the Docs & Downloads tab.

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