groov EPIC pass-through power adapter, 10–15 VDC

SKU: GRV-EPIC-PSPT Category: EPIC Power Supplies Tags: EPIC, Power Supply Unit, PSU

The GRV-EPIC-PSPT pass-through power adapter is designed to allow you to connect your own external 12 V power supply to your Opto 22 groov® EPIC system. Packaged in a modern and sturdy housing, the GRV-EPIC-PSPT includes a built-in fuse and an ON/OFF power switch for ease of use.

The GRV-EPIC-PSPT is designed to provide power for a groov EPIC chassis with a GRV-EPIC-PR1 processor and groov I/O modules mounted on the chassis.

NOTE: For a DC power supply, see the GRV-EPIC-PSDC. For AC, see the GRV-EPIC-PSAC.