DC discrete output, 12 channels, 5-60 VDC, channel-to-channel isolation, on/off only

SKU: GRV-ODCIS-12 Category: EPIC IO Tags: DC, Digital, EPIC, Isolated, Output, Voltage

The GRV-ODCIS-12 digital DC output module provides 12 isolated channels of 5–60 VDC output, each switching a separate DC load. The module features channel-specific LEDs for troubleshooting. This module provides on/off switching only, offering a lower-cost option for projects with simple requirements.

The GRV-ODCIS-12 is part of the groov EPIC® system. It mounts on a groov EPIC chassis together with other discrete, analogue, and serial groov I/O modules and a GRV-EPIC-PR1processor.

NOTE: If your project needs more than just on/off switching, see the GRV-ODCI-12 module, which includes totalising, pulsing, and other features.