DC discrete input, 24 channels, 15-30 V, on/off status only

SKU: GRV-IDCS-24 Category: EPIC IO Tags: Digital, EPIC, Input, Voltage
The GRV-IDCS-24 module is part of the groov EPIC® system. This digital DC input module has 24 channels and can sense the on or off status for 10–30 VDC input devices such as proximity switches, push buttons, and auxiliary contacts.

The module’s 24 channels sense on or off status only, offering a lower cost option for projects with simple requirements. The GRV-IDCS-24 mounts on a groov EPIC chassis with a GRV-EPIC-PR1 processor and other discrete, analogue, and serial groov I/O modules.

NOTE: If you need additional features such as latching and totalising, see the GRV-IDC-24 instead.