AC discrete input, 24 channels, 180-280 VAC/VDC, on/off state only

SKU: GRV-IACHVS-24 Category: EPIC IO Tags: AC, Digital, EPIC, Input, Voltage
The GRV-IACHVS-24 digital input module can sense status from up to 24 devices such as pumps, fans, and motors that use a 180–280 VAC or VDC signal. This module provides only on or off sensing, offering a lower cost option for projects with simple requirements.

The GRV-IACHVS-24 module mounts on a groov EPIC® chassis alongside other digital, analogue, and serial I/O modules, to provide the mix of signals you need at any location.

NOTE: If your application requires a larger set of features (latching, totalisation, and so on) in addition to on/off status, see the GRV-IACHV-24.
If you require channel-to-channel isolation, see the GRV-IACIHV-12.