serial communication module, 4 channels, RS-232 or RS-485, channel-to-channel isolation

SKU: GRV-CSERI-4 Category: EPIC IO Tags: EPIC, groov, RS232, RS485, Serial

The GRV-CSERI-4 serial communication module provides 4 independent, isolated serial ports for communication with RS-232 or RS-485 serial devices. The module can communicate with RS-485 serial devices in half-duplex (2-wire transmission) or full-duplex (4-wire transmission) mode.

Part of the groov® EPIC system, the GRV-CSERI-4 mounts on any groov EPIC® chassis alongside a GRV-EPIC-PR1 processor and analogue and discrete groov I/O modules, to provide the mix of signals you need at any location.

Each port is selectable between RS-232 and RS-485, with configurable termination and bias in RS-485 mode. Port 0 can also be configured to handle modem commands. Baud rates of up to 1 Mbps are supported.

Note: This module requires groov EPIC Firmware 1.2.0 on your GRV-EPIC-PR1.