16-module groov EPIC analog/discrete/serial mounting chassis

SKU: GRV-EPIC-CHS16 Category: EPIC Chassis Tags: Chassis, EPIC

The GRV-EPIC-CHS16 groov EPIC® I/O mounting chassis is designed to hold an intelligent groov EPIC processor, an EPIC power supply, and up to 16 groov I/O modules.

Since groov analog, discrete, and serial I/O modules all have the same footprint, you can mix all these modules on the same chassis. Field devices are wired directly to the top-mounted connectors on the modules. The Opto-22 module and chassis design allows modules to pivot into a specific mounting point on the chassis.

NOTE: If you need a smaller chassis, see the 4-module GRV-EPIC-CHS4 or the 8-module GRV-EPIC-CHS8. If you need a chassis that does not hold I/O modules, see the 0-module GRV-EPIC-CHS0.