G4 8-channel I/O Module Rack

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G4 I/O family

The G4PB8 rack holds 8 G4 digital I/O modules, both AC and DC. Single-channel G4 I/O gives you maximum flexibility. You can insert and remove modules easily and quickly without disturbing field wiring. Modules are securely attached with a threaded captive hold-down screw.
Barrier strips with screw terminals provide the field and mounting rack power connections. A spare module fuse is included with the rack. For easier field wiring, use the G4STRAPB.
For logic connections, a header connector accepts a standard 50-pin cable, typically from an Opto 22 PC adapter card (PCI-AC5, PCIe-AC5, or G4AC5). When used with an adapter card, 5 VDC G4 I/O modules are required (15 VDC and 24 VDC I/O modules cannot be used).
This rack supports negative-true logic only (zero voltage = ON, and Vcc = OFF).