G4 16-channel I/O Module Rack with Terminal Strip

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G4 I/O family

The G4PB16T rack holds 16 G4 digital I/O modules, both AC and DC. Single-channel G4 I/O gives you maximum flexibility. All modules on the rack must use the same logic voltage (5 VDC, 15 VDC, or 24 VDC). You can insert and remove modules easily and quickly without disturbing field wiring. Modules are securely attached with a threaded captive hold-down screw.
Barrier strips with screw terminals provide the field, control, and mounting rack power connections. A spare module fuse is included with the rack. For easier field wiring, use the G4STRAPB.
This rack supports negative-true logic only (zero voltage = ON, and Vcc = OFF).