G4 DC Input 16-28 VDC 16-channel Integral Rack

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The G4PB16K DC input rack provides 16 channels of optically-isolated inputs for sensing on/off DC voltage levels by an Optomux B1 or E1, Pamux B5, or mistic B100 brain board.
The compact size and design of this rack yields a substantial space and cost savings over other 16-channel I/O racks. All input channels are identical, ideal for applications that need to monitor several 16-28 VDC signals. On-board LED indicators display each channel’s on/off status.
Typical applications include sensing the presence or absence of voltage from sources such as BCD devices, TTL level devices, thumbwheel switches, and barcode readers.
Control connections are easily made to a 50-pin header connector. Barrier strips with screw terminals provide the field and rack power connections. For easier field wiring, use the G4STRAPB. The logic supply is fused with a 1A fuse.
NOTE: This rack can be used with Opto 22 PC adapter cards (PCI-AC5, PCIe-AC5, or G4AC5) if jumpers 1 and 2 are removed. (See the Adapter Cards Data Sheet for more information.)