G1 12 to 280 VAC quadpak output 5v Logic

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Quad Pak I/O family

The OAC5Q is a 4-channel AC digital output module used for controlling or switching AC loads of 12-280 VAC. It uses 5 VDC logic and is compatible with Opto 22 Optomux, Pamux, and Mistic protocol brain boards and mounting racks, as well as racks using a direct cable connection to a computer. This module can also be used with a Raspberry Pi, the Digital I/O Carrier Board (part number OPTO-P1-40P), and the PB16HQ mounting rack.

Quad Pak modules contain the equivalent of four single-channel I/O circuits in a single package. Each Quad Pak module can be divided into two pairs, with each pair sharing a common connection.

Quad Pak modules plug into Quad Pak I/O mounting racks. They are not compatible with single-channel racks or SNAP racks.

AC output modules are used for controlling or switching AC loads. Each module provides up to 4,000 Vrms of optical isolation between the field devices and the control logic. The Quad Pak AC output module features zero voltage turn-on and zero current turn-off.