G1 4 to 16 VDC quadpak input 5v Logic

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SKU: IDC5BQ Category: Quad Pak Tags: DC, Digital, G1, Input, Opto22

Quad Pak I/O family

The IDC5BQ is a 4-channel DC digital input. It accepts input voltage of 4-16 VDC and uses 5 VDC logic. It is compatible with Opto 22 Optomux, Pamux, and Mistic protocol brain boards and mounting racks, as well as racks using a direct cable connection to a computer.

The IDC5BQ module is a fast-switching input module for signals produced by photoelectric switches, encoders, DC proximity switches, or TTL devices.

Quad Pak modules contain the equivalent of four single-channel I/O circuits in a single package. Each Quad Pak module can be divided into two pairs, with each pair sharing a common connection.

Quad Pak modules plug into Quad Pak I/O mounting racks. They are not compatible with single-channel racks or SNAP racks.