G1 Dry contact output module 5v Logic

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SKU: ODC5R Category: DC Output Tags: DC, Digital, G1, Opto22, Output

The ODC5R is a Form A mechanical relay I/O module. This module was designed for a low-voltage DC load that that is purely resistive (no inrush current).

Typical applications for these modules include analog signal and communication line multiplexing. Because of their low 10 VA rating, these modules are not recommended for inductive or capacitive loads (even very small loads) because the inrush current is likely to exceed the 10 VA rating.

IMPORTANT: Applications using 120 VAC are typically NOT suited to this module. If you are considering using this module for any application other than low-voltage purely resistive loads, see the detailed notes and rating curve in the data sheet, and call Pre-sales Engineering for specific guidance.