Thermocouple/Millivolt Modbus-RTU Input Module with Limit Alarms

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This signal conditioner is a four-channel analog input module with four discrete outputs. It filters and linearizes thermocouple inputs while providing isolation between input, output, power, and network circuits. Cold junction compensation and upscale/downscale sensor break detection are standard. AC and DC power sources are supported with nonpolarized, diode-coupled terminals.

The programmable inputs accommodate eight thermocouple types plus wide-range millivolt signals. Flexible discrete outputs operate as alarms or on/off controllers. As limit alarms, each discrete output can be configured with high and/or low setpoints exclusively tied to an analog input channel. Alarm trips function without host communication enabling low-cost stand-alone alarms as well as local backup for the primary control system. Otherwise, on/off control is based on commands issued by the host system.

Combining flexible transmitter functions, mixed signal I/O, alarm support, and a network interface in a single package, makes this instrument extremely powerful. Multi-channel design adds cost-efficiency and allows high-density mounting. Plus, safe, rugged construction makes these modules reliable for use in both control room and distributed field I/O applications. Custom module configurations are also possible (consult factory for details).