DC Current/Voltage Modbus-RTU Output Modules with Discrete Outputs

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SKU: 917/918MB Category: Acromag Modbus RTU Tags: Analogue, Current, Modbus RTU, Output, Serial, Voltage

These modules drive four analog output channels and also feature four discrete outputs for on/off control. Isolation separates the output, power, and network circuits.

Network communication adheres to the industry-standard RS-485 Modbus RTU protocol. AC and DC power sources are supported with nonpolarized, diode-coupled terminals.

The analog outputs generate a signal based on communication from the host. They accommodate wide DC voltage or current ranges. Discrete outputs provide simple on/off switching capability for external devices.

Combining analog outputs, on/off controllers, and a network interface in a single package, makes this instrument extremely powerful. Multi-channel design adds cost-efficiency and allows high-density mounting.

Plus, safe, rugged construction make it reliable for both control room and distributed field I/O use in a broad range of temperature control applications. Custom module configurations are also possible (consult factory for details).

  • 917MB-0900 – Modbus RTU DC Current Output Module
  • 918MB-0900 – Modbus RTU DC Voltage Output Module