15″ XGA TFT Industrial LCD Monitor with Digital IO

15″ XGA TFT LED backlight LCD
Resistive touchscreen with 420 nit high brightness
Full range screw-type (locked) AC-in or 12V/24V DC-in (option)
HDMI, DVI-D and VGA with multi-signal inputs
Built-in speakers

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P6151 – 15″ XGA TFT Industrial LCD Monitor with Digital IO

The P6151 is a 15” ultra-slim industrial LCD monitor with IP65 compliant front bezel and modular design. The feature-rich monitor adopts resistive touchscreen with 420 nits high brightness and LED backlighting for power saving. It offers USB or RS-232 touch control interface, and supports multi-signal interfaces with DVI-D, VGA and HDMI. Featuring screw-type adaptor plug design, 12/24VDC power input, and flexible selection of front bezels, the compact industrial LCD display is ideal for all kinds of industrial environments.

Product Datasheet