cMT-HDMI | Apple/Android Compatible | Ethernet

  • MQTT: Connect as publisher or subscriber or act as the broker.
  • OPC UA: Any PC with OPC UA client software can access real-time data from the HMI.
  • My SQL Database Integration: cMT series HMIs can send sampled data or event log (alarm) information to any PC with a MySQL database server, as well as query the database.
  • Modbus Gateway: EBPro includes communication drivers that allow the HMI to connect to over 300 major PLC brands. The cMT-HDMI can act as a gateway, allowing any PC or software package that supports Modbus TCP/IP to obtain data from a connected PLC or controller.

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SKU: cMT-HDMI Categories: IIoT Gateway, Smart Device Tags: Communication, HDMI, IIoT, Modbus/TCP, Serial, Smart HMI

cMT-HDMI | Apple/Android Compatible | Ethernet

The cMT-HDMI is a headless cMT series HMI with an HDMI out port that can be connected to any HDMI compatible display (such as commercial televisions or industrial monitors). Touchscreen support is available via USB connection, or a USB mouse can be used with non-touchscreen displays. This compact, powerful unit turns any HDMI-compatible TV or monitor into a large viewing display via HDMI cable – efficiently delivering crisp, high-definition graphics. Streamline processes by delivering real-time production data on a wall-mounted display, easily visible from any plant floor location. The cMT-HDMI takes your process to the big screen with ease.