OPTOEMU CTS 0750 70 (70amp Current Transformer)

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OPTOEMU ACT 0750 100 (100amp Current Transformer)

The OPTOEMU-ACT-0750-100 split-core current transformer (CT) from Continental Control Systems offers an easy, safe, and inexpensive method for monitoring electrical energy usage.

Ideal for retrofit applications, the split core makes it possible to attach the CT without disturbing existing wiring. This CT swings open for one-handed operation. Just open it, slip it over the wire, and snap the CT closed. Once assembled, the CT has no exposed metal parts.

The 0.333 VAC output of this CT is low, making it much more safe to install and use than CTs with current secondaries. It is also less expensive.

The OPTOEMU-ACT-0750-100 has exceptionally low phase angle error, which is essential for accurate power and energy measurements. It complies with the linearity and accuracy requirements of IEEE/ANSI C57.13 for tenant submetering and billing. The OPTOEMU-ACT-0750-100 is recommended for use with the OptoEMU Sensor 3V energy monitoring unit, and also with SNAP-AIPM-3V analog input modules. Determine the maximum current to be measured and choose a CT with a primary current that handles both wire size and maximum current.

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