Industrially Hardened Communication Hardware!

To complement the range of industrial control and automation products at SDUK, we stock a broad selection of communication hardware from networking equipment, Industrial PCs and human machine interfaces (HMIs) to complete your system set-up.

Some of the communication products we offer, are Industrial Ethernet and Wireless, media converters, Industrial and Embedded computers, touch panel systems, power supplies and Modbus– compatible solutions.

In order to do this, we work closely with a number of carefully-selected, established communication hardware suppliers:


Industrial Ethernet switches form a big part of Antaira’s range. It does, however, also specialise in industrial wireless set-ups, media converters, Serial to Ethernet adapters and Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions.


As with Antaira, a big part of Axiomtek’s portfolio centres around Industrial Ethernet switches. While not so prominent in Axiomtek’s catalogue of products, it does also deal with Industrial and Embedded PC set-ups. The sheer size of its Industrial, Embedded and Motherboard range means that products tend to cater form customers’ needs very specifically.


Weintek provide a diverse and powerful range of HMI’s – from their iE-Series solutions to its IIoT Cloud Gatways.


Maple boasts a particularly strong product group which comprises all kinds of HMI’s – from the budget MAP 40 character solution to its Panel PC’s. More recently, the firm has begun to provide Human Machine Control Interfaces which offer in-built I/O capabilities – products many see as cost-effective alternatives to the OPTO solutions. Screens sizes between 4” and 7” tend to be the most popular, with the firm’s HMI50xx series way out in front.


WeCon has a range of low-end HMI’s that have been tested for Modbus TCP and RTU support. These products offer much cheaper alternatives to the units provided by other brands, meaning those on all budgets can be catered for.

The market is vast and we always encourage our customers to look into the options available. Many products will be suited to different uses and some will come with different levels of support. Here at SDUK, we can call on our years of experience to provide comprehensive guidance to those considering investing in any of our products. Contact us today to find out more.

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