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A term that has grown in usage considerably since the mind 1900s and one particularly prevalent in today’s digital era, automation is the name given to using machines, control systems and IT to perform roles in which human input might not be possible or productive.

Its advantages extend beyond saving labour costs, however; automation is also used to increase quality levels beyond those achievable through human endeavour, thereby allowing businesses to realise the full extent of their productivity. At SDUK we understand that, through automation, procedures can be completed at a quicker rate, with fewer errors and with less wastage of materials and energy.

How does automation differ from mechanisation?

An important thing to realise about automation is that it does not simply mean getting human employees to use machines. In most cases, automation requires very little human input.

Mechanisation is the term given to the practice of equipping staff members with machines to aid their roles. It is a centuries-old process through which machines are used to speed up proceedings and increase accuracy or precision, but it is still dependent upon manpower.

With automation, systems run almost independently of human sensory and mental input, while also allowing for greater volumes of work to be processed rapidly and with excellent results time after time.

Why is automation growing so quickly?

In meeting the demands of a growing population, and the increased output this brings with it in terms of products and services, an emphasis on speed and accuracy has become vital in order for a company to thrive in the 21st Century.

With technology becoming increasingly advanced to meet this growth in demands, and automatic systems becoming more readily available and simple to implement, it is little wonder that automation is playing such a vital role in both the world economy and the daily experiences of employees and consumers. Call our specialists at SDUK today, and find out how automation could improve the efficiency of your enterprise.

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